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Lynx Portable Radio
Solution Overview:

The Lynx Portable Radio delivers SiriusXM Internet Radio via Wi-Fi, or SiriusXM Satellite Radio when connected to an optional docking kit. In addition to the SiriusXM programming, you will also receive SiriusXM Extra Channels, including 12 dedicated Latin channels. Listen to your favorite shows, on your own schedule with the Start Now feature. Easily access up to 200 hours of your favorite content, automatically recorded with Radio Replays. A 3.5" multi-touch, high-resolution screen makes the Lynx radio easy to use.

SiriusXM Reference App
Android / Windows / Qt

Reference Application gives an access to Sirius XM services. The application provides a possibility of listening to Sirius XM broadcast. There are several features for managing audio channels, for getting information regarding channel’s actual and future content, for alerting interesting events through Sirius XM Radio. Sirius XM satellite data services are also available through the Application.

  • TI BSP development
  • Branded User Experience and UI development. UI was fully conceived and designed by STC.
  • Full testing – Verification & Validation.
  • Optimisation of network stack for streaming.
  • Factory programming and support.
  • Successfully up-merged from one Android baseline to a later one mid-development.
Achieved Goals:
  • Creating Satellite Radio device using Android AOSP – similar to Amazon Kindle approach.
  • Kick down iOS from this market.
V2X Product for US Trials
Solution Overview:

Design & Development of Under-dash Unit SW platform Integration of V2X Stack in Android platform V2X Stack Integration with system sensors – GPS, IMU, Light signals, Transmission state, ACC signal.

What has been done:
  • Implementation of OTA SW Updates delivery via RSU’s IPv6 Services.
  • Test tools creation for automating testing (RSU Emulator, Multiple Cars Simulator)
  • Integration with DSRC module (MK5) and HSM (SXA1700)
TomTom Navigation Engine Integration
Android / Linux
Solution Overview:

TomTom Navigation Engine Integration is a GPS system used in automobiles. Our team have done:

  • Integration of TomTom engine into Android and Linux platforms
  • Integration of TomTom Map UI into Android Application.  
  • Integration of TomTom engine with platform sensors (GPS)
  • Implementation of SXM Traffic+ on top of maps
Marine & Aviation
Android / Linux
Solution Overview:

Our team is experienced in map engines development. We’ve done Integrating third party engines like TomTom and Open Street Map for displaying vector maps. We’ve developed our own engine for displaying raster maps. Also We’he obtained experience in converting rasterized weather data for different Map Projections (Mercator, Equirectangular) and in supporting unified Map Framework which allows to utilize map functionality independently of used engine. Right now we’re supporting various Marine & Aviation weather products.

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